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Body Shop

The first stop in the repair process is the body shop. This is where our technicians disassemble the damaged area of the vehicle, review the insurance estimate and list any items missed by the insurance company. All damaged parts are then repaired or replaced and parts that require paint are completely disassembled.

Technology for repairing damaged parts has come a long way. Damaged panels, which are metal, are worked back to their original shape and then finished off with a flowable two part glaze that will flex with the vehicle. This will maintain the longevity of the repair and the integrity of your vehicle.

Parts that are not repairable are replaced. Most parts are bolted to the vehicle which makes for easy replacement. Panels such as the roof, quarter panels and all inner structure require welding for replacement. Our shop is equipped with a water cooled Prospot Welder which is designed to duplicate factory welds on all vehicles. This welder also stores each vehicle manufacturer and thickness of metal on all panels. Once the vehicle is chosen, the machine will set itself for the proper thickness of metal to insure proper penetration of welds to be performed. This will insure your vehicle will be put back to factory specifications.

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