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Paint Shop

With quality being at the top of our list here at To A T Bodyworks we have outfitted our paint shop with top grade equipment, from our GFS recirculating downdraft spray booth to our Acquire paint scanner. The GFS spray booth is equipped with a 1.2 million BTU heat source which allows us to keep a constant 75 degree temperature inside the booth during winter and bake every paint job at 145 degrees to insure proper drying.

Our paint scanner allows us to scan the actual color of your vehicle so that we can adjust the color to mix and spray a small test panel to check against the vehicle. Proper color matching is also enhanced by the German based Standox paint system used. Standox is a high quality paint that is used by the factory of many luxury cars like BMW. All primers, sealers, base coats, and clears used by our shop are manufactured by Standox to insure maximum chemical cohesion.